Unarmed, Unprepared, Unexpected, These American Heroes Defeat Would-Be-Terrorist

Unarmed, Unprepared, Unexpected, These American Heroes Defeat Would-Be-Terrorist

The best defense is a good offense. At least, that is how the age old adage goes. Recently, this proved true when an armed terrorist with dangerous intentions tried to light up a passenger train. Luckily for everyone aboard, three American servicemen (traveling on vacation) stepped up to the plate foiled the evildoer before he even got to doing anything evil.

If it weren’t for the three unarmed American passengers, Aleck Skarlatos, Spencer Stone, and Anthony Sadler, things could have become tragically violent in France only a short time ago.

The unassuming gunman thought he was about to start a shooting spree, but Aleck and Spencer had other plans. The two off-duty military men charged the would-be-attacker, tackled him, and wrestled the firearm from his grasp before ever a shot was fired. With nothing more than brawn, balls and bare hands these badasses saved the day. I think it is safe to call this a successful vacation.

Unfortunately several people were still injured. The assailant was also armed with a box cutter with which he used to slice up Spencer and two other passengers. But fortunately, no one died in the incident. The terrorist is said to be of Moroccan descent.

It is safe to say that things could have gotten messy in France, but thanks to these three brave men what could have been a massacre ended up becoming an inspiring story of heroism.

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