Twin Dies During Childbirth – Then Dad Notices The UNTHINKABLE On Mom’s Chest

Twin Dies During Childbirth – Then Dad Notices The UNTHINKABLE On Mom’s Chest

After trying to start a family for more than three years, Kate and David Ogg were thrilled to learn that Kate was pregnant with twins. When Kate reached her 26th week of pregnancy, she went into early labor. The couple was terrified about what was going to happen to their premature babies.

After both babies were born, the Oggs noticed that the medical personnel were strangely quiet. The doctor told them that they had a boy and a girl, and he then asked the couple what they had decided to name their son. When they told him they had chosen the name Jamie, the doctor sat down on the edge of the hospital bed and told them, “I’m sorry. Jamie didn’t make it.”

Kate and David took their infant son from the doctor and placed him on Kate’s chest. David also got into the bed with his wife and their lifeless son, and he and Kate hugged one another while holding their baby close between them. While doing so, the Oggs spoke to him, telling Jamie about his twin sister, his family and the hopes and dreams his parents had for his life.

Suddenly, the couple felt Jamie move, and they alerted the staff. The staff told them that the baby was simply dying and that the couple should let him go. Instead, Kate and David continued to give him skin-to-skin contact. His movements increased and he finally opened his eyes.

Kate and David Ogg believe that giving their son skin-to-skin contact helped him to come back to life. Today, their twins are healthy and happy and now have a four-year-old younger brother to play with, too. Kate Ogg says that she and David feel incredibly blessed to have all three of their children.

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