Turn Old, Single Socks Into Cute Holiday Craft Projects For The Whole Family!

Finally, a use for all those single socks, whose partners went missing in the dryer. Instead of throwing out those unused socks, turn them into something creative. Just in time for the holidays, this simple and adorable craft project will transform an old sock into a snowman! This craft is extremely easy and requires only minimal supplies. Sock snowman are the perfect holiday arts and crafts project for the entire family and children of all ages, especially as the cold weather keeps the young ones cooped up inside.

Before beginning the project, gather your supplies. You will need a sock (preferably white), white craft thread (or any kind of thick string), a pair of scissors, Super Glue, a small strip of felt, two or three buttons, uncooked rice, two pins with black heads and one pin with an orange head. It is also best to work on a flat surface, such as a table.

Begin by laying your sock flat on the table. Use the scissors to cut the sock right between the arch and heel area. Turn the ankle piece of the sock inside out and lay it flat, with the ankle band facing down. Then cut a six-inch piece of the white string and use it tie up the top part of the sock. Wrap the excess string around a few times and double knot to secure. You may still have extra string, but no need to worry, it will be hidden in the next step. Once you have tied your string, turn the piece right-side-out and lay flat. You should now have a pouch of sorts. Fill the sock with uncooked, white-grain rice. It is a good idea to fill the sock, leaving about an inch at the top to tie it up.

The sock should look full and the fabric should be a bit stretched to accommodate the rice. Using another piece of white string, tie up the sock. Make sure it is securely closed by wrapping the excess string around and double-knotting again. Snip off any extra string. You should now have a oblong rice-filled ball. To form the snowman’s head and body, use a piece of string to tie around the sock to form two ball shapes. As we have done in past steps, make sure to double-knot and secure. The head should be a smaller size than the body. Use the strip of felt or extra fabric to tie around the string to use as the snowman’s scarf. You can also use the toe piece of the sock as a toboggan for the snowman’s head.

Now that you have formed the body of the snowman, it is time for the finishing touches. A couple of spare buttons can be fastened to the lower part of the snowman with Super Glue. Of course, no snowman is complete without coal eyes and a carrot nose. Use two pins with black heads to form the eyes by simply pushing them into the sock. Use a pin with an orange head for the carrot nose. You can stop there, or get even more creative. Feel free to personalize the sock snowman in any way you want. You can make different hats, cloaks or even hair! Use spare items from the around the house to create a holiday decoration you can be proud of.

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