Trump’s Offer to ChristiansSounds A Lot Like the Deal the Devil Made Christ

Trump’s Offer to ChristiansSounds A Lot Like the Deal the Devil Made Christ

The Devil made a deal with Christ, and it looks like Trump is offering to make the same kind of deal with Christians in the country. There are reports that those who are of the Christian faith have a moral obligation to vote.

They should also vote for Donald Trump or a different candidate besides Hillary Clinton. One man is an evangelical, and he believes that there are a few options that Christians and those of the same faith have, and they don’t involve voting for Trump.

There is an option of not voting in the first place, they could vote for someone else, or they could join the over 30 percent of those who say that they will vote for Hillary Clinton.

Jesus Christ discussed in his Sermon on the Mount the exact things that are coming true with Donald Trump running for office. Christians are willing to trade First Amendment rights and agree with a man who has said that he will order soldiers to kill children and women who are in enemy groups.

He has also commented that he would allow soldiers to do unthinkable measures when it comes to torture. Trump is an adulterer and has bragged about cheating on his wife. He has even offered Christians the ability to help choose a Supreme Court justice if they will vote for him.

This is similar to when the Devil offered Jesus control over the kingdoms if he would bow down to the Devil himself. A vote for Trump is similar to voting for the Devil.

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