Trump’s Immigration Policies ‘Based On White Supremacy – Not American Values’

Trump’s Immigration Policies ‘Based On White Supremacy – Not American Values’

Ever since Trump won the American general elections in 2016, California has been on the frontline to see to it that his administration makes little or no progress. Two individuals that have spearheaded the Lead Resistance Movement are none other than Kevin de Leon and Anthony Rendon. Since Democrats occupy a majority of seats in all three organs of government, they have the potential to stall any development efforts by Donald Trump that they do not agree with especially in the State of California. Even before his rise to power, President Trump has always had the desire to deport illegal immigrants out of American borders, as a way of securing his country. However, Californian lawmakers do not agree with most of Trump’s policies, and that is one of the reasons as to why the State Senate recently made a bill to have California become a haven state for illegal immigrants.

The war with California has come about since lawmakers in this state feel that what Donald Trump is doing does not reflect the American principles. In their view, they see as if President Trump wants to reverse progress in policy and development that former leaders have helped realize over the years. Also, they are fighting against Donald Trump’s administration so as to safeguard the constitutional rights of the citizens of the United States of America. As a retaliatory move, Trump’s government through the U.S. Department of Justice said it would withhold law enforcement funds for the State of California due to its lack of cooperation. To date, Californian lawmakers and politicians have distanced themselves from all activities initiated by President Donald Trump since they do not conform to their values. Despite the economic threats by Donald Trump, California’s economy is large enough to take the office of the president head on. Presently, the State of California has the largest economy in all of America and is the sixth best on a global scale. Therefore, threats from the national government are less likely to hurt the State of California.

Besides, California has always contributed money regularly to help progress the affairs of Washington. To this end, it feels that it has the bargaining power to contest on national policies it does not like. Currently, California is looking for a way to suspend its financial contributions to Washington since Donald’s Presidency has distanced itself from providing monetary support to the security affairs of this great state. If Trump makes good on his promise, then California legislators will have no other choice than to fight back. So far court injunctions have blocked President Trump’s bid to have illegal immigrants deported, all thanks to the State of California.

Although the State of California disagrees with Trump’s immigration policy, they feel compelled to protect American citizens from foreign and domestic threats that might emanate from illegal immigrants residing within the state. As much as they are willing to offer sanctuary to illegal immigrants, they are very keen on ensuring that they do not compromise the security of their fellow citizens. Whereas most cities and states in America might have complied to Trump’s demands, the State of California remains steadfast in its decisions, regardless of the consequences that might result.

As much as President Donald Trump wants his policies enforced in all states across America, Californian legislators still hold a high ground with no signs of backing down soon. With a majority of Californian leaders belonging to the Democrats Party, they have the potential to make Trump’s tenure as President difficult if he fails to comply with their demands. Thus, the above is a game of titans that is taking place between the most powerful leader on the planet and the most economically prosperous state in all of America.

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