Trump Supporters Launch #BoycottStarbucks – Recieve the Twitter Mockery They Deserve

Trump Supporters Launch #BoycottStarbucks – Recieve the Twitter Mockery They Deserve

Starbucks recently announced that they would be hiring 10,000 refugees in 75 countries – a very progressive and politically charged move. While most people understand that this is a good idea, and a harmless helpful way of hiring desperate people who need work, Trump supporters, naturally, despise the idea. In fact, many Trump supporters have stated that they are going to boycott Starbucks.

They even started a #boycottStarbucks hashtag on Twitter. The immigration ban will prevent many Muslims from coming to America. Starbucks wanted to make sure that these people will have a place to work.

People have mocked the Twitter users who started the #boycottStarbucks hashtag. One person stated that they are looking forward to going to Starbucks now because the line will be shorter and less racist. Another person stated that the Starbucks boycott will be a win-win for everyone. They will be able to get their coffee in a shorter amount of time.

Someone else stated that they were not really a fan of Starbucks, but they are going to start going there now. Another person stated that people who are boycotting Starbucks are not really concerned about terrorists. They just want to discriminate against brown people. Additionally, someone else pointed out that Starbucks also hired a lot of veterans, so boycotting the restaurant is hurting them.

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