Trump Supporter Loses It On Reporters: ‘Jew – you’re the enemy!’

Trump Supporter Loses It On Reporters: ‘Jew – you’re the enemy!’

A Donald Trump supporter wearing a “Hillary For Prison 2016” t-shirt was filmed taunting a crew of media reporters with anti-Semitic gibes. This took place at a recent rally Trump held in Arizona.

The man, who has not been identified by authorities, was caught on camera by Ashley Killough of CNN. Killough is CNN’s special political reporter tasked with following the Republican Party. She posted this video on her Twitter feed on October 29th.

Viewers can easily see this man yelling at media executives in the press pen. In the video, this man says that people in the media are working “for the devil” and that they are the “enemy.”

Once the crowd of the Trump supporters starts chanting “USA,” this man can heard saying “Jew-S-A” instead. He also waves his fists and points directly at various members of the media.

Although not seen in this video, other reporters said that they heard this man say that everyone in the media is a “rapist” and that they needed to “pay for Bill Clinton’s rape.” This man may be referring to the alleged video of Bill Clinton raping a 13-year old girl that was supposedly filmed by the Jeffery Epstein. Information on this rumored video was spread over the Internet, especially on YouTube, by Anonymous. However, this tape has yet to be discovered, and there is no indication that it actually exists.

Trump has criticized the media extensively over the course of this campaign for the White House. Many members of the Alternative Right that support Donald Trump have been actively anti-Semitic online. Indeed, many news outlets say there has never been so much open anti-Semitism in a U.S. Presidential Election before.

An official spokesman for the Trump campaign told reporters that they strongly “condemn” this kind of language being used at their rallies. Trump has openly supported Israel on many occasions, and his own daughter, Ivanka Trump, is a convert to Judaism.

However, Trump has often criticized the media voraciously, telling his supporters that the media is conspiring against the interests of average hard-working Americans. He also says the media actively lies and creates false stories to destroy Trump’s narrative. For example, Trump said the media created all of the rape allegations against Trump to cover up the Wikileaks e-mail scandals on Hillary Clinton.

Trump has also said in the past that the media is trying to cover up the record levels of homicides going on in the USA by giving out false statistics.

Trump has called people in the media “terrible people” on occasion as well. It is well known that Trump believes the entire election is “rigged” against him, and he has not said he would accept a Hillary Clinton victory.

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