Trump Suporters Heckle Obama Rudely, His Response Is Priceless

Many Trump fans seem to think that is alright to make a scene at rallies, especially those that involve President Obama and Hillary Clinton. President Obama was recently in Greensboro, NC, giving a nod to Hillary when a group of Trump supporters started screaming.

The group had on shirts that said “Bill Clinton Rapist.” They were also screaming about the arrest of Hillary Clinton and that they wanted to see her in jail.

Instead of calling attention to the group of people, President Obama simply went on talking about Hillary and how she would make a good president. He did ask if there was anyone hollering again in the audience since this isn’t the first time that he has had to encounter people acting like this.

He also tried to get them to start their own rally so that they could be together instead of invading his rallies and those of other politicians. Instead of the people in the audience calling for an arrest or trying to heckle someone who is speaking in regards of someone else, those people should get out and vote so that they know that they have given their opinion about who should lead the country after President Obama is out of office.

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