Trump, Putin Deliver Identical Nuclear Weapons Message At Same Time

Trump, Putin Deliver Identical Nuclear Weapons Message At Same Time

Even though it spells potential doom for the world and a threat of another Cold War, these two world leaders cannot agree more than enough with one another. In a matter of a few hours, Donald Trump the President-elect responded in a tweet, an identical message during Russian’s end-of-year press conference held by the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The president-elect is bringing to the table a new set of terms against any hostility towards the United States. In Trump’s tweet, “The United States must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes.”

Wanting better relationships between the United States and Russia, any country’s call for having a greater nuclear armament against the United States will not surpass America’s arsenal. An identical message given in Russia’s fulmination concerning any neighboring countries demands for wanting nuclear proliferation.

During the press conference, the Russian President stated, “we are improving our nuclear capabilities, and that Russia is stronger (than) any potential aggressor.” He further explained, “An aggressor is someone who can potentially attack Russia.” -CNN Editions []

The end of the holidays may seem daunting, and another story about the world ending on New Year’s Day pops on your news feeds, be cautious of Fake News circling the Internet. Most of the comments made during Russia’s press conference was over economic growth for 2017, and if Putin plans to run in Russia’s presidential election in 2018. -CNN Money []

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