Trump Picks White Supremacist For His Chief Policy Advisor

Trump Picks White Supremacist For His Chief Policy Advisor

Donald Trump has named a known white supremacist, Stephen Bannon, as his “chief strategist.” Bannon, who took over Trump’s campaign in the days close to the election, formerly led the media site Breitbart, which specializes in promoting the agenda of the “alt-right.”

Bannon is known for his support and admiration of alt-right leader Richard Bertrand Spencer who has been condemned by the Anti-Definition league as a dangerous bigot and racist. In the recent past, an association with someone like Stephen Bannon would have been considered suicidal for a politician but not in today’s hostile political climate.

The alt-right subscribes to a number of bizarre conspiracy theories to explain their dissatisfaction with life in the United States in general and blames anything bad on liberals. Even conservatives on the far right such as Glenn Beck have denounced the movement.

Following Trump’s election, racists have rejoiced and hate crimes against minorities and immigrants have increased. This trend is likely to continue. It’s no surprise that, with Bannon on board his team, the KKK is glad that Trump got elected. Trump’s appointment of Bannon essentially takes an alt-right troll off of the Internet and into the White House. The marginalized in America have good reason for fear now in Trump’s America but also a strong motivation to fight back.

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