Trump Offers Ambassadorship In Exchange For Inauguration Singers

Trump Offers Ambassadorship In Exchange For Inauguration Singers

Though he may have won the electoral vote, President Elect Donald Trump lost the popular vote by an incredibly wide margin. The astounding amount of national disapproval for Trump is evident as he begins to plan his inauguration. Many performers are refusing to offer support at his inauguration, so Trump is struggling to find singers and bands for the inauguration and the inaugural parade.

Multiple famous singers have publicly declined to perform when Trump becomes president. Even high school bands in Washington D.C. have broken with tradition and do not want to march in the inaugural parade. Since Trump is known for getting furious at even slightly implied criticism, it is no surprise that the slights from musicians have left him increasingly upset. He now seems to be taking desperate measures to find a celebrity willing to perform when he becomes president.

According to some anonymous booking agents, the Trump campaign is offering a surprising reward for any talent agency who can find a famous celebrity to perform at the inauguration. Several talent agents spoke to, and they confirmed that the Presidential Inaugural Committee was offering insane bonuses to anyone who could get A-list talent. They say that they were promised rewards of cash bonuses or even diplomatic posts if they could get a truly famous singer for the inauguration.

So far, it seems like no one has managed to take the committee up on their offer. One booking agent said, “Never in a million years have I heard something so crazy. That was the moment I almost dropped the phone.” Many chose to take their story to news websites instead of attempting to work with the Trump committee. So far, Trump has had to get a teenage runner-up, Jackie Evancho, from the reality show “America’s Got Voice” to sing the national anthem. This is pretty sad when you remember that President Obama got Beyonce to sing the national anthem at his inauguration.

It is no surprise that most musicians do not want to perform for Trump. Most musicians either disapprove of his political stances or do not support his extramarital affairs and offensive comments. However, it is slightly shocking to see how far Trump is willing to go to support his own ego. Instead of appointing qualified members for ambassador postings, he is apparently willing to give them out as bribes to anyone who can make him look cool by getting a celebrity to show up to his inauguration. Not only does this highlight Trump’s narcissism, but it also shows that he is willing to use his new power for personal gain.

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