Trump Launches “Witch Hunt” Against Gender Equality Movement Leaders

Trump Launches “Witch Hunt” Against Gender Equality Movement Leaders

The Trump transition team has made an information request that has the State Department concerned. The request calls for data regarding gender-related funding, programming and staffing and was made public by the Washington Post newspaper.

The report did not require the names of people working within those specific programs but asked for the job titles of those who are promoting those issues. The request came days after the Energy Department declined to name those who worked on the climate change accord in Paris.

While the information request does not specifically name anyone, the State Department expressed concern that individuals could later be targeted for any number of reasons. The department added that the transition team may want to make gender issues a priority, but it could also mean the start of a witch hunt.

Eliot Engel, who works on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said the request was alarming because of its hard focus on gender issues. Engel also said he would not tolerate anyone being singled out by the incoming Trump administration.

During Obama’s presidency, the State Department made gender issues a priority around the globe. Now, there is fear that equality and women’s rights may be in trouble after Trump takes office on January 20, 2017.

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