Trump Insults Women During Debate – American Women Transform Insult Into Proud Slogan

Trump Insults Women During Debate – American Women Transform Insult Into Proud Slogan

To his fans, Donald Trump is a refreshingly straight talker who doesn’t pull punches or bow to political correctness. To critics, he’s a bully who shouldn’t be taken seriously. This view was on display when viewers reacted to Mr. Trump’s remarks during the third presidential debate. His dismissal of Secretary Hillary Clinton as a “nasty woman” quickly became a rallying cry on Twitter.

Women have consistently been Secretary Clinton’s biggest supporters in the polls. A key part of her strategy to win the election is targeting female Republican voters who feel disrespected by Donald Trump and the GOP establishment.

The Donald may have been his own worst enemy during the debate as his comments helped women identify with Hillary Clinton. Many of her supporters immediately began posting Tweets with the hashtag #Iamanastywoman as a sign of support, seeing the comment as a code word for strong, intelligent women.

Donald Trump has faced increasing criticisms for his treatment of women. The release of an Access Hollywood tape in which he and Billy Bush discussed non-consensual sexual advances towards women immediately damaged his polling numbers.

Accusations of unwanted physical contact from multiple women quickly followed. When Mr. Trump claimed that “no one respects women more than me” during the debate, the audience laughed out loud. Current polls shows that female voters are not flocking to his cause in noticeable numbers.

Although The Donald intended for his insult to put Mrs. Clinton in her place, she seemed to not even notice it. After thirty years in politics, she has heard her fair share of sexist remarks and barely responded to his interruptions.

For women across the nation who have been criticized for being too smart, too prepared or too experienced, Trump is only making himself look bad by levying these criticisms towards his opponent. Rather than seeing a nasty woman, feminist voters see a nasty man interrupting the first female President of the United States.

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