Trump Implicates Himself In Russia Collusion Investigation With His Very Own Tweets

Trump Implicates Himself In Russia Collusion Investigation With His Very Own Tweets

A few days ago, on March 4th, President Donald Trump unleashed a host of furious tweets that may have devastating consequences for his term as president.

In line with his usual Twitter tantrums, President Trump blatantly accused President Obama of being involved in a wiretapping scandal prior to the November 2016 elections.

In the series of angry, outlandish tweets, Trump continued on about Obama’s accused involvement in “tapping” phones prior to a “very sacred election process”. Trump continued by calling Obama a “bad…guy” and referring to the imaginary scandal as “Nixon/Watergate”.

Referencing the Watergate scandal is especially amusing considering several media sources have compared Trump’s attitude to Nixon’s.

What Trump failed to realize is that his impulsive batch of tweets admitted a certain amount of guilt.

Trump’s tweets have cited zero evidence backing up his wild claims that Obama ordered the Trump Tower to be placed under surveillance. However, it is well known that Trump’s campaign staff have been being monitored by US intelligence officials. This monitoring is what was responsible for the revelation of the private calls between Michael Flynn (former National Security Advisor) and the Russian ambassador.

His tweets also confirm the presence of a FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) warrant – his own fault – monitoring Trump Tower.

These rumors surfaced again when the Guardian addressed the notorious “Golden Showers” dossier.

If it does turn out that the FISA warrant approved a wiretap, this indicates that a United States judge felt there was sufficient evidence to tap Trump in the first place.

With his Tweets, Trump just confirmed the existence of a FISA warrant and therefore admitted he is involved in an investigation involving his connections between his campaign team and a foreign government.

To further prove the mistake he made by publicly Tweeting about the issue, Trump just guaranteed that no one will be implicated in the leak of the FISA warrant.

His actions further confirm how little he understands regarding the scope of his power considering presidents are unable to “order” wiretaps in the first place. Only intelligence agencies are permitted to do so in cases that justify an investigation such as suspected collaborations with foreign powers.

According to former senior intelligence officials, it is extremely unlikely that Trump was simply monitored for the purpose of sabotaging his election campaign efforts.

It seems impossible. If this were the case – by some small chance – that would mean a federal judge deemed it necessary to monitor Trump based on suspicions that he may have committed a crime or collaborated with a hostile foreign government. Tapping building is not a process that is taken lightly.

Following his all-out tantrum against former President Obama, Trump – completely unaware of the mistake he just made by tweeting such outlandish accusations – then took aim at other ‘important’ issues in his life such as rating for his show, The Apprentice.

Taking a break from Obama, Trump focused his anger at Arnold Schwarzenegger (Trump’s host replacement on the show), complaining that Arnold was fired due to his “pathetic ratings”.

For the millions of Americans hoping to see Trump fail, watching him topple his own empire due to his childish impulses and lack of a filter is the best form of revenge. Trump was 100 percent correct about one thing, though: this is similar to the Watergate scandal but on an even greater scale than we could have thought.

All that is left to do is wait to see what the Republican Party will do with the revelation of this information. Hopefully they will choose the right action and demand to see the evidence behind the FISA warrant rather than turn a blind eye on Trump’s potential treason.

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