Trump Ignores White Terror Attack In NYC – Twitter Roasts Him For It

Trump Ignores White Terror Attack In NYC – Twitter Roasts Him For It

Donald Trump has only been in office for a little more than two months, yet he has not missed any opportunity to incite the public into a frenzy over the ‘threat’ of Islam to America. One of the first executive orders he signed into law was a ban specifically preventing Muslims from seven Muslim-majority nations from entering the United States. He signed the order under the guise of ‘protecting the American people from the dangerous terrorists’, yet many people fail to realize that the seven nations chosen for the travel ban have never had a citizen of theirs kill an American citizen in America. However, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, both of which were home nations to perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks, were not included in the ban. It seems that if Trump truly wanted to protect the people, he would have included those countries, but the unfortunate truth is that Trump and much of America overlooks the atrocities of those nations simply because they supply the rest of the world with oil.

Interestingly enough, the seven nations that were included in the travel ban have not yet established a national bank that follows the rules set forth by the global banking cartels. In other words, those nations have completely independent economies from the rest of the world, and that doesn’t sit well with those in power who want to force every nation into the same banking system, which is controlled by a handful of people. By enacting a travel ban against those nations, Trump essentially wanted to force those nations to reconsider their position. A similar travel ban was enacted during the Obama administration’s terms in office, and it actually included the same exact seven nations. That is too coincidental to be an accident.

One of the strongest pieces of evidence that points toward Trump’s true intentions is the way he responds to any form of terrorism that isn’t related to the Muslim people. Trump and people like him seem to automatically connect terrorism with Muslims, but the vast majority of true domestic terrorist attacks are perpetrated by white men. Terrorism is defined as any action that is meant to control the public through fear, and that is certainly not something that only Muslims can pull off. In fact, there have been categorically more white terrorists in American history than any other race. The truly sad thing is that those instances are often overlooked or simply lumped in with other crimes that aren’t terrorism. That’s the main reason why the phrase ‘white terrorist’ will never appear on a TV screen, unless there’s a question mark after it.

To illustrate that point, a recent example is all that’s required. Just this week, a man from Maryland traveled from his home state to New York City. The man was a white supremacist whose name is being withheld at the moment, but he drove to New York specifically for the purpose of killing black people. He was eventually caught by the proper authorities, but not before he was able to kill Timothy Caughman, a 66-year-old black man from the city. Caughman was described as an upstanding citizen, and one of the last pictures he shared to Twitter was of himself waiting in line to vote during the November elections.

Donald Trump and the White House have been completely silent about this attack. The perpetrator literally admitted that his only goal was to murder those he found to be beneath him, in this case African Americans. He also admitted that he drove from Maryland to NYC so that more coverage of the story would take place, thus spreading the word of his racism and bigotry. That is essentially the literal definition of ‘terrorism’.

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