Trump: If I Lose, You’ll Never See Me Again, Cause I’m Gunna Play Golf

Trump: If I Lose, You’ll Never See Me Again, Cause I’m Gunna Play Golf

Donald Trump, front-running Republican candidate for the Republican Presidential nominee, has accepted endorsements from defeated opponents such as Gov. Chris Christie and neurosurgeon Ben Carson. Despite vehement debate against the businessman this Spring, the nation showed overwhelming support for Trump. The ex-candidates chose to jump on the Trump bandwagon and offer their sponsorship in a show of cameraderie. But good sportsmanship didn’t stop Trump from shaming candidates that decide to sponsor their competitors.

Trump promises no such kindness for any opponent who defeats him this presidential election season. Indeed, he went as far as to say last Sunday that he would probably just “go play golf” if he does not get the Republican nomination.

Trump’s off-handed attitude about the election results are part of what draws fans to his side – he seems to be unperturbed by the tides of politics.

On the other hand, this is the same man who has foretold riots and protests if he does not receive the nomination. So, which will it be?

Only time will tell, and with the Republican coming up hot in mid-July, Mr. Trump will need to decide whether he will indeed ride off into the sunset without a care in the world, or if he will join his followers in publicly sharing their outrage. Either way, we do not expect to see him endorsing any candidate that is not himself.

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