Trump Flip-Flops – Now Wants American Taxpayers To Pay For His Wall

Trump Flip-Flops – Now Wants American Taxpayers To Pay For His Wall

Make America great again! This is the anthem being sung by Trump and all of his supporters since one of the most memorable election campaigns of American history began. Now, many can argue that America has never been great for all people, with an undeniable exception of white american males. Well, now America has a new imaginary enemy, Mexico.

How do we keep Mexicans out of our America? We build a wall! Which has always seemed to be proven as an incredible way to keep people out of a country (or in). And Donald Trump won the hearts of so many Americans by promising to build a fancy wall (and let’s not forget that it will be easy on the eyes) to keep Mexico’s citizens where they belong.

Who’s supposed to pay for this wall? According to Trump, Mexico was going to have to pay for the very wall that we keep them out, but once the campaigning was complete, his words began to change. It has come to our attention that we, the American citizens, might be the ones to actually pay for this wall. It has been estimated that this wall could cost somewhere around $38 billion dollars!

How will we pay for this wall? It will be taken from our taxes, of course! So, now the slogan ‘make America great again” should be changed to “make America hungry again”, as I can see another Great Depression in our very near future due to the ridiculous expenses like a wall. Perhaps we could charge the Trump voters for this magnificent wall, instead.

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