Trump Fans Deface Church In Immigrant Community: “Whites Only”

Trump Fans Deface Church In Immigrant Community: “Whites Only”

A church in Maryland was recently vandalized. It is estimated that 80 percent of the people who attend this church are immigrants. The church had racist graffiti on it. It had “Whites Only” and “Trump Nation” on it. Similar messages were written on the church’s walls.

Rector Harvey is a member of the church. He stated that a few weeks ago, there were white men yelling racial slurs at the church. Rector also said that immigrants come from 50 countries. He stated that many of the members are afraid to go to back to the church because of this incident.

Rector is shaken by the incident, but he is trying to remain positive. He stated that this is a time to spread love and unity. He also wants to reach out to the people who are being oppressed. His goal is to bring peace and reconciliation to the community.

This is just one of the many incidents that has occurred since Donald Trump got elected. He is reportedly going to elect white supremacists to his cabinet. One of the people who is reportedly being appointed to the cabinet is Steve Bannon. Steve has been criticized for his connection to the alt-right community.

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