Trump Fan Puts Hillary Effigy In An Electric Chair On His Front Lawn

Trump Fan Puts Hillary Effigy In An Electric Chair On His Front Lawn
A Trump supporter and homeowner in suburban Detroit has an offensive display in his yard. It has a Hillary Clinton doll that is sitting in an electric chair. This person also has a Trump/Pence sign in his yard. The suburb the person lives in is 89 percent white. It is unknown whether the authorities were called on the person who put the display out.

The Republican party has done a lot to demonize Hillary Clinton during recent months. However, this is most likely one of the most extreme examples of someone trying to demonize Hillary. Donald Trump himself has also gone out of his way to attack Hillary Clinton. He allegedly stated that if were to get elected, then people who support The Second Amendment should take matters into their own hands.

The comments that have made by some of the people who manage Trump’s campaign have allegedly been investigated by the Secret Service. Rudy Guilani and Chris Christie have also attacked Hillary Clinton.

They both stated that Hillary Clinton should be locked up. Furthermore, some of Trump’s followers have encouraged violence throughout the entire campaign. Many people would consider the things that have been done by Trump’s campaign to be deplorable.

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