Trump Fan Posts One of the Most Disturbing “White Power” Posts Ever

Trump Fan Posts One of the Most Disturbing “White Power” Posts Ever

Administrators at Old Dominion University in Virginia are investigating a disturbing video that seems to have been filmed on campus. In the video, a young woman wearing a Donald Trump mask and a white t-shirt emblazoned with the slogan “My President is White”, brandishes a handgun. She goes on a deeply racist tirade that school officials, students and faculty staff are describing as an act of unadulterated hate.

The digital video was posted on YouTube in early February and did not receive too many views until it was shared on Twitter and other social networks. In the video, the young woman clumsily raps her hatred for African-Americans and makes allusions to violent acts while pointing a firearm directly at the camera. The video appears to have been filmed with a smartphone.

YouTube administrators removed the video after talking with ODU officials in Norfolk, who are trying to determine who may have been responsible. The local NAACP chapter held a discussion on the matter.

Once the video was shared across social media, several comments were made about the multiple Donald Trump references made by the woman while delivering her racist rap lyrics. This is not the first time that blatant displays of hatred and racism have made allusion to the current administration.

To be fair to the sitting President of the United States, he has not directly condoned racism or hatred; for some reason, however, many of his followers tend to embrace a radical ideology of “white power” and racial intolerance that borders on hate and xenophobia. It certainly does not help that Trump’s extreme actions against immigrants and Muslims only result in racist fools being encouraged to spread their hatred.

ODU administrators have stated that they will not be able to comment on whether they are able to identify the woman or to announce disciplinary measures due to provisions set forth by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. There are concerns that radical antifascist groups may take it upon themselves to identify the woman and take extrajudicial action.

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