Trump Caught On Tape Promising Rich Buddies Tax Cuts

Trump Caught On Tape Promising Rich Buddies Tax Cuts

America is starting to get a glimpse of what America will be like after Trump takes office. He managed to sneak away from the press so that he could have dinner with his family at a upscale restaurant.

He was caught telling his rich friends that he would give them a tax break. Hope Hicks, who is Trump’s spokeswoman, told the press that Trump was not going to be leaving his home.

However, Trump left his home at 7:30 p.m on Tuesday, November 21, 2016. He ate at the 21 Club. When Trump walked into the restaurant, he was given a standing ovation. He shook hands with people and told them that he was going to get their taxes down.

The press is upset with Hope because she claims that she did not know that Trump was planning to leave his home.

Trump’s actions show that he does not understand all of the dangers that are associated with being the president. Secret Service Agents were there to block off the block, but he ended up causing a frenzy. Presidents need to have Secret Service Agents wherever they go. Trump reportedly called the restaurant to make a reservation before he came.

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