Trump Campaign Manager, Kellyanne Conway Publicly Cozy’s Up To Hillary Clinton

Kellyanne Conway is Donald Trump’s campaign manager. However, she has recently posted some tweets that suggest she may be supporting Hillary Clinton. Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump attended Al Smith’s charity dinner.

Even though the two were respectful to each other, Trump was booed when he called Hillary Clinton corrupt. One of Hillary’s supporters stated that they had a lot of respect for Kellyanne. This person also stated that Kellyanne was likely working day or night for Trump with no pay.

There have reportedly been a lot of people who have worked for Donald Trump without getting paid. A few hours after the dinner, Kellyanne gave a shout out to Hillary Clinton on her Twitter account. She also stated that she had a good time at the dinner. This is not the first time that Kellyanne has tweeted to Hillary Clinton.

Kellyanne has managed other unpopular political candidates in the past. However, she knows that Donald Trump will not win the election. In fact, some studies suggest that Donald Trump has less than a 10 percent chance of winning an election. Kellyanne is probably concerned about her reputation. She may distance herself from Donald Trump after the election is over.

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