Trump Calls FBI Trump-Russia Testimony “Fake News” Before It Even Takes Place

Trump Calls FBI Trump-Russia Testimony “Fake News” Before It Even Takes Place

How can something be “fake news” before it even happens? In President Trump’s universe, which is a universe that functions with its own alternative laws, this sort of thing is commonplace. Before FBI Director James Comey even appeared in front of the House Intelligence Committee panel to discuss Russia’s influence in the 2016 election, President Trump took to Twitter and cried “fake news.”

Why would the President cry “fake news” before the hearing even began? It makes him look guilty. The tired, “fake news” defense may have fooled America in the past, but now even the most starry-eyed American can see that President Trump is turning into the “boy who cried wolf.” Any shred of legitimacy he might have had is quickly being shredded.

First, Trump’s early morning tweet basically accuses FBI Director James Comey of lying under oath. Second, it illustrates that President Trump is terrified that there’s evidence that his staff colluded with Russia. If that isn’t enough, President Trump tried to hijack the narrative from a different angle, tweeting that the Democrats fabricated the story about Russia because they lost the election by running a terrible campaign.

President Trump takes to Twitter as a diversion tactic. But his tweets are uncreative and redundant. A president who cries “fake news” can’t divert Americans from the truth. Trump’s Twitter rants aren’t a form of damage control; they’re damaging whatever credibility his flailing Administration has left.

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