Trump Braggs About $7 Billion Intel Factory – But There’s One Problem:

Trump Braggs About $7 Billion Intel Factory – But There’s One Problem:

Under the Trump administration, it seems as though we are regularly assaulted with lies and ignorance. From Mike Flynn’s discussion with the Russian diplomat, to Trump’s incessant tweeting about inconsequential issues (such as his daughter Ivanka’s clothing line). This most recent information regards an intel factory Trump has been bragging about. This is just another story in a long list of freak deceptions and wild controversy. But it does provide glaring insight into an administration that seems determined to put on a good face to the public—at all costs.

Many pundits have theorized that the election was swayed by economic factors having to do with the white working class. The theory goes that Trump won Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania because so many people were out of work or believed that they were working far beneath their pay grades. These lower class citizens, often stricken by poverty, voted for multi-millionaire whose never worked a hard day in his life, thinking foolishly that Trump would “fight for the little guy”.

Well, when Brian Krzanich, the CEO of Intel, recently met with Trump, the former reality star made a big show out of presenting the fact that Krzanich would be building a $7 billion dollar Intel factory in Arizona.

The executive stood alongside Trump, stating that he felt the president would be friendly to commerce. But the stark reality of the situation is that this impressive factory has been in the works for a considerable amount of time now—since 2011, in fact. Trump was not a factor in the decision to build the plant, or anything else related to it. Although Trump often refers to “fake news”, it seems imperative that the American public should stay on the lookout for “fake deals”.

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