Trump Adviser: “Scientists once thought the earth was flat – why trust them on climate change?”

The prospect of a Donald Trump presidency is starting to scare many people within established sections of civilized society, primarily because those sects can see Trump for the danger to the world that he is. Trump has already nominated a number of members to his cabinet that should be clear red flags as to his intentions for the future of not only America, but the world as a whole. He consistently makes choices that aren’t based on the ability of the person in question, or the responsibilities they will have, but instead his choices are selected based on his desire to reestablish corporate control over the United States.

One of the largest areas of concern for those involved in the discussion is climate change. There is no secret that the majority of conservative or Republican individuals, at least those in positions of power, tend to dismiss or refute the effects of climate change since so many of the industries they back are powered by energy sources that aren’t climate-friendly, including coal and oil. Those industries essentially sponsor the conservative and Republican parties, so of course they aren’t going to agree with any policy or reality that might inhibit those industries from flourishing.

In what could easily be seen as a worrisome action taken by the incoming administration, they recently requested the Department of Energy turn over all names of employees within the department who were working on climate change issues. While there has been no given reason for such a request, many are fearful it could mean the Trump team is planning on grossly scaling back any efforts to combat climate change via clean energy initiatives in favor of continuing with harmful energy sources like oil and coal.

One of Trump’s senior transition team members recently made an appearance on CNN to discuss the request. Anthony Scaramucci was asked to respond regarding the request to the Department of Energy, but he continually attempted to reorient the conversation onto another subject, and he chose to attempt to refute the idea that climate change is proven science.

Scaramucci started off by saying that he believes Trump acknowledges that humanity affects the global climate, but he continued on by saying that he didn’t think there was consensus in the scientific community. He was then immediately interrupted by CNN host Chris Cuomo, who informed Scaramucci that the vast majority of the scientific community agrees that climate change is very real and caused directly by man.

NASA has recently published a report on climate change and the number of legitimate scientific papers written to show how climate change is a result of man’s activities. In that report, they estimated that of all the papers published regarding climate change, nearly 97 percent conclude that humanity is to blame, and that climate change is already approaching near unsalvageable levels. Not only that, but the most influential scientific research facilities and organizations across the globe have all publicly agreed with the idea.

When presented with this fact during his interview, Scaramucci responded by saying that scientists have been wrong all throughout history, which he somehow connected to an increase in the chance they would be wrong about climate change. He argued that there was once a time when the vast majority of the scientific community thought the world was flat, and if scientists could be so wrong about that, what’s to say they aren’t wrong now? Of course, Scaramucci forgets to take into account the tremendous advances humanity has made since the time when everyone believed Earth was flat. The scientists who thought the Earth was flat had eyes and rulers, while current scientists have tools so advanced that they are essentially incomprehensible to most.

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