Trey Gowdy Was Just Caught Red Handed Doing Something Unthinkable. Throw Him In Jail!

American voters have become attuned enough to decipher long range plans whose goal is to mudsling and besmirch the sterling reputation of others. This is exactly what the Republican Party has conspired to do against the presidential aspirations of Hillary Clinton. Armed with Fox News to do their bidding, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy orchestrated a blatant smear campaign based on conspiracy theories about the events around Benghazi. He choose Trey Gowdy to lead this onslaught against truth. Witness the massive backlash that has some people calling for prison terms for those at the top of this card house of lies.

New York Times to the Rescue

Journalists of the higher order have been following these developments and have come forward to shine light on these events. One such institution is the New York Times Editorial Board which weighed in recently on this. They called for the Republican party to “Shut Down the Benghazi Committee” or to dub it for what it really is. Likening it to an inquisition, their misplaced zeal has lost credibility in attempting to erroneously place the deaths of four Americans at the doorstep of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Grave Consequences

Next up to the spotlight is the Washington Post that exposed more of these back room dealings by the Republicans. As one remembers, Trey Gowdy is the Chairman of the House Select Committee on Benghazi. The venerable capitol newspaper illuminated links between him and the Stop Hillary PAC whose one purpose is to derail the presidential bid of the Democrat. This tandem has stooped low enough to use images of Ambassador Steven’s resting place without contest nor permission from his family. How can a pursuit for truth be spearheaded by a person whose affiliations are so slanted in one direction?

Tunnel Vision

A hard hammer blow to the credibility of Trey Gowdy came from one of his own. Bradley Podliska was one of the investigators on the Benghazi who had to file a lawsuit and seek damages for defamation. Citing both improper and illegal termination, the former staffer revealed key revelations about the real motivations of the committee. Tunnel vision was almost exclusively present as they solely focused on Hillary Clinton and the State Department. Other agencies that were involved escaped scrutiny where culpability might have been present.

What we have before the American people is a spin doctor tangled in his own web. Trey Gowdy has affiliations with a Super PAC who slants him far from the truth. He has the vision to bring the torches to Fox News to drum up the mob mentality against Hillary Clinton. Finally, allegations from staffers about tunnel vision and altered documents have cast a pall over his credibility. The American public still is free thinking that when presented with the light of truth to see through the fog woven by those that have an agenda. Know what Trey Gowdy is and what his Benghazi Committee purpose is to avoid going down his rabbit hole of deception.

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