Tourists Are Being Disrespectful During A Memorial, So Soldier Does This And I Cheered

A soldier had to put disrespectful tourists in their place during a memorial holiday. The soldier was standing guard at the Tomb in Arlington National Cemetery. Tourists were standing near the soldier while making loud noise and racket. Right then, the soldier firmly faced toward them, silencing them at once. They were immediately reminded of meaning behind Memorial Day when they were hit with a wave of humiliation.

The tomb carries an unidentified American soldier who fought during World War I. He’s commonly known as the Unknown Soldier. The person was originally chosen out of four unidentified American soldiers.

This decisions was made by U.S. Sergeant Edward F. Younger around the year 1921. The tomb is still remembered to this day, even after 100 years. After all, these people have fought and given their lives for everyone else’s freedom.

Laughing at their grave sight is one of the biggest disrespectful actions that one can make. A memorial sight is a place for reflection, silence and remembrance, nothing else. Nobody is entirely sure about what the soldier said to the tourists. Regardless, the soldier did a great job at silencing the disrespectful tourists. The humiliation of these tourists should be an example for everyone else.

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