Tom Hanks Enters 6-Year-Old Daughter In Beauty Pageant – Watch When The Camera Pans Around.

In 2011, the famous actor Tom Hanks appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and discussed his beauty pageant skills. During the show Hanks talked Jimmy Kimmel into showing a clip from his appearance on the popular show “Toddlers & Tiaras.” During the episode, Hanks discussed his experience with trying to help his “daughter” Sophie win the “Ultimate Sexy Baby Nevada Pageant.”

During the skit Hanks is seen giving Sophie detailed lessons on how to walk and properly apply her makeup. When applying her makeup Hanks says that he truly believes that “more is more.” Hanks says that if Sophie wants to win these pageants, “she needs to know these routines backwards and forwards…it has to be automatic.”

During the skit, Hanks can also be seen applying an overly dramatic wig on his “daughter.” The look is supposed to give her the appearance of a Bratz doll. While there are times when Sophie seems like she is over the pageant life and routine, she continues to play along and take in the experience.

When discussing her chances of winning her next “Sexy Baby” pageant, Hanks brags, “I think the only person who can beat Sophie is Sophie…it’s hers to lose.” After performing her routine, Hanks laments that although Sophie made some mistakes, he was ultimately proud of his daughter.

In the end, however, Sophie lost the pageant to Ron Howard’s daughter. After Sophie was not crowned Queen, Hanks suggested that there are “a lot of politics involved…”

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