Tom Brokaw Steps Up And Stomps On Trump’s Incessant Media Coverage.

Tom Brokaw Steps Up And Stomps On Trump’s Incessant Media Coverage.

The relationship between the media and the world of American politics are constantly bound in a dance of physical collision. The media exposes one scandal or another and tears up one politician or the next, and in turn, politicians use the media as a tool and a source of information and anxiety. It’s a seriously contorted web they’ve woven.

In anticipation of the 2016 presidential election, media outlets have pirouetted away from their usual sensationalistic beat to focus their attention of politrical candidates. And of course, no one is gaining more of this attention, than the one, the only: The Trump.

He may not have a very defined political plan, but he sure knows how to rile up everyone – from reporters to Mexicans, politicians to the poor. Trum has dumped on all of them. The result? Donald Trump is getting more attention than any other Republican candidate. Wall-to-wall coverage. Everyone is watching Trump and waiting for the next audacious and politically incorrect discharge.

The majority of Americans are ready for Trumps campaign to be over. But recently Tom Brokaw, a former lead news anchor for NBC, made his feelings public.

While on tour, promoting his new book, Brokaw was asked what would he do if he had to cover Donald Trump every night. To which Mr. Brokaw replied:

“If I were in the news now and had to lead with Trump every night, I’d have to call in sick everyday,”

The room reportedly erupted in applause.

Brokaw become one of the first main media figures to publicly express his discontent with the non-stop Trump coverage. And it sure seemed like the audience agree with Brokaw’s stance. There are a lot of Republican candidates – many of them serious politicians. I won’t be voting for any of them, but it would sure be a shame to see Donald Trump’s name of the ballot for president next year.

Hopefully, America won’t let herself sink quite that low.

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