Toddler Tells Cops He Was Murdered In His Previous Life. So They Start Investigating

What happens to us after we die is one of the true mysteries of life. It is something of which we can never really be certain. However, people have presented fairly compelling evidence of different things that could happen. There is evidence that reincarnation happens, for example.

However, this story is downright eerie. It involves a three year old boy who claims that he was murdered in a past life. He actually ended up solving a murder that took place before his birth by recalling certain crucial details of something that happened in his past life. This toddler in Golan Heights of the Middle East will really make you think about reincarnation and if it could truly be possible, no matter how big of a skeptic you are.

Trutz Hardo is a 3 year old Syrian boy who told his family that he had been killed with an axe in his past life. He was actually born with a red birthmark on his forehead, which in the Druze culture is a signal that a person has lived a past life.

As if that isn’t spooky enough, this child actually showed villagers where his previous body had been buried and where the murderer had hidden the weapon, and they found both the body of a man who had been missing for 4 years and the long buried axe.

The toddler also identified the killer as a local man, who at first denied everything, but ultimately admitted that the child was right.

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