Toddler Approaches Cop At Gas Station – Then She Jumps In The Patrol Car…

Toddler Approaches Cop At Gas Station – Then She Jumps In The Patrol Car…

Most kids have a clear idea of what they want to be when they group up. Although they usually change their minds plenty of times, young children usually go through a phase where they’re completely set on having one particular job. Many kids want to be teachers, firefighters, or veterinarians. One little girl in Charlotte, North Carolina seems to have an interest in becoming a police officer.

Two-year-old Brianna and her mom were stopped at a gas station when Officer Ashley Brown drove up in her police cruiser. Brianna went straight to the officer and asked if she could enter the car. Instead of just letting Brianna sit in the car, Brown gave her a full tour of the vehicle.

Brianna’s mom took a video of the encounter, and it has no received more than two million views. The video starts with Brown asking Brianna, “You want to hop in?” Then, Brown shakes her hand and introduces herself. As Brianna sits in the passenger seat, Brown shows her how to use the microphone, the sirens, and the flashing lights. The officer even took a cute picture with her. When Brianna’s mom tells her it’s time to go and asks if she’s ready, she replies, “No!”

Touring the police cruise seemed to make Brianna’s day. It’s always great to see kids who want to learn and see new things, so hopefully Brianna and her family will look back on this moment fondly. Check out the video here!

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