Tiny Hummingbirds Drink Out Of His Red Solo Cup. Moments Later? I Am Stunned!

A bird lover has posted an incredible video online of a group of thirsty hummingbirds feeding out of the red Solo cup he is holding quietly and quite steadily in his right hand. The video showcases why hummingbirds are among the most amazing creatures in the animal kingdom. Not only do they have features that are gorgeous and intensely colored, they are able to flap their wings at an incredible 1300 beats per minute, creating the humming sound that gives these tiny birds their name.

Because the hummingbird metabolism works so quickly, the hummingbird needs to consume food every waking minute of every hour. The recently posted video proves that hummingbirds never pass up an opportunity to chow down, as three of these ravenous creatures encountered a man holding a red Solo cup filled with an enticing mixture of water and sugar.

Quicker than you can say buffet, one of the tiny hummingbirds alights on the man’s hand and begins dipping his long, sharp beak into the liquid, while his two companions hover nearby in the air, artfully staying in the air while managing to dip their beaks into the satisfying liquid contained in the attractive red container.

The man is able to hold his hand so perfectly still that a second hummingbird soon feels confident enough to trust alighting on his hand in order to have a secure perch while consuming the refreshing liquid. The hummingbirds manage to drink their fill for more than a minute from their gracious human host before taking to the air again, in search of another snack elsewhere.

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