Throwback To When We Had An Adult In The White House. This Is How A POTUS Should Act

The political right and left seem to be getting more polarized every year. And in fact, this is the most unproductive congress in US history… And President Barak Obama has had to deal with them. By this point in his career its simply old-hat. But just how bad is the situation between the President and the United States congress?

Its pretty bad. That’s how Obama puts is. In fact, this is the second time in just two years that the Republicans have considered shutting down the government over an issue that has no relevance in the lives of daily Americans: Planned Parenthood.

During the President’s weekly radio address, he noted how the economy has had great success, unemployment has gone down, the stock market has gone up, and how the deficit has also gone down to pre-2008 levels. He lamented the fact that all of this progress might be threatened by a few Republicans who are upset about Planned Parenthood

The potential of another shutdown is detrimental, because unlike Planned Parenthood, it can and will affect the daily lives of Americans. During the last shutdown, many were out of work for days and months. Even some Republican members are urging the more radical party members to stop in order to avoid another government shutdown. It would be a childish political move.

“We can sit down and compromise,” President Obama has said. “But Republicans only have a month to do so before the government shuts down again.” It would be wise for Republicans to realize that conservative ideological issues pale in comparison to the day-to-day problems that many Americans face. The President really holds all the chips in this situation, so they need to get back to the bargaining table.

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