Thousands Of Women Show Trump What #DressLikeAWoman Truly Means

There have been many protests by women in recent weeks since Donald Trump entered the White House. Trump is a man who has an eye for money. He has made it known that he is wealthy, and women across America don’t want him to forget the statements that he has made about his finances.

He has also made comments about the way that he wants the women in his life to look. He wants women to dress like a woman should while they are in the office. Even those who wear jeans should do so in a professional manner.

From Melania to the women who ring doorbells to get campaign contributions, women who work for Trump need to look their best. Men don’t have to worry about this requirement as they can simply be sharply dressed. Some of the men who work for Trump have been seen dressed in sloppy manners without getting anything said to them.

Women across America took pictures and posted them on Twitter and other social media sites to give Trump an idea as to how women should dress. Some women wore necklaces while performing surgery while other women posted pictures of sports teams in uniforms. They want Trump to realize that women can wear what they want and still exhibit a professional look.

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