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Art comes in many different forms today. Most people are very familiar with traditional paintings. You can typically find these types of paintings in museums where they are appreciated by millions every year. Most people are also familiar with sculpture as an art form. These are three-dimensional pieces of art made from marble, plaster or other materials. Artists are constantly looking for new methods and mediums to create pieces that inspire people. Some artists want to make unique pieces of art that will cause people to stop and think about the world. This is what one artist has been doing for many years now.

An artist named Johannes Stotter from Italy has decided to use a very distinctive combination of materials in order make unique pieces of art that fascinate the public. Instead of using a piece of canvas or a block of marble, Stotter uses the human body as a ground for painting. He has been working since 2009 to create some of the most elaborate and amazing body paintings every seen in the world today. He has a distinctive technique for applying the paints so that the colors are vibrant and vary in texture or finish. A recent traveling art display has started to make news thanks to his vision and talent.

Stotter has always been fascinated with nature in his artwork. He seems to prefer the natural and organic forms of animals, trees and landscapes to the more structured appearance of things like buildings and abstract geometries. He goes way beyond just painting something interesting on the bodies of his models. He actually attempts to integrate people into nature through body paint and even costumes on occasion. The results are often stunning as the paint flows seamlessly around the subject. The final pieces are photographed and put on display for all to see.

One of his most recent endeavors is deceptive when first viewed. It appears that Stotter has just taken a photograph of a pile of rocks on a beach somewhere. This is far from the truth. Looking carefully into the image begins to reveal that there are some odd shapes involved. If you stare for a moment, then you will begin to make out the shape of a human female body among the rocks. Stotter meticulously painted the body of a model with dozens of different rocks. He then positioned her in a field of rocks and arranged them just right so that everything flowed together.

He has done the same thing with other scenes from nature. An accompanying piece looks like a pile of leaves on the ground during the fall. Stotter used the same strategy as before to paint a model with leaves that look incredibly realistic despite the natural contours of the human body. He then positioned her painstakingly into the pile of leaves to ensure everything matched up before snapping a photograph. One of the most amazing pieces is of a stack of chopped logs. Stotter actually painted a model so that you can barely see the person standing in front of the logs. The positioning and coloring were perfect.

Stotter’s work has been receiving praise for some time. He made headlines in 2013 when he painted five people to look like a colorful rainforest tree frog. He has put on live performances where he paints bodies and makes artwork in front of an audience. Stotter has even won the World Bodypainting Championship with his work. The artist is showing no signs of slowing down. He is continuing to make new and exciting pieces of artwork even as his current show travels around the world.

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