This Was A Normal Looking Fun Cake. Then She Bit Into It And It Wasn’t What She Expected!

Chocolate is almost universally loved. There are many people who have such a strong craving for chocolate that they will love anything that includes it. This recipe is for those people. It is a recipe for a chocolate cake covered with rainbow buttercream icing with a fun surprise inside that involves more chocolate.

For this recipe, you will need a prepared cake, a cake cutter or knife, M&Ms, food coloring, chocolate ganache, a dish that can hold the cake, a piping bag with a tip, 2 1/5 cups of butter, 8 cups of icing sugar, and a round cookie cutter. The cake can be any flavor you want, although the original recipe uses a chocolate cake.

What you will do is cut the cake horizontally so that there are four equal layers. Cover the top of the bottom layer with ganache, and then use the cookie cutter to cut a hole in the middle of what will be the middle two layers. Stack the layers on top of the bottom layer, with a layer of ganache on the top of each one.

Then, pour the M&Ms into the hole in the cake. Put the top layer on top, and then let the cake sit while you prepare the buttercream icing. To make the icing, just mix icing sugar with the butter, and separate the icing so that you can color it different colors. Put it into the piping bags, and add the tips on, and then ice your cake.

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