This Tiny Girl is Abandoned On the Side of the Road. When I Saw The Reason I Felt Sick To My Stomach


This is a heart-wrenching scenario played out in far too many families. When the family first brings the little girl home, they are all too accepting of their new arrival. Initially, their interactions with her are inflated as they play with her hair and play games with her.

We see the father taking walks with both girls, holding the hand of his biological daughter; but the little girl seems somehow not to be a part of the family as she lags behind or runs to keep up.

As time goes on the family becomes more impatient and they distance themselves from her, giving attention only to the biological daughter. We see a scene where that daughter also becomes aloof.

The little girl becomes more demanding of their time and when she does not get it, she begins to “act out”. The family they decide that their lives would be easier without this new addition. So, they abandon her by the side of the road.

Again, we see the father driving away as the little stands by the side of the road. Rejection from the father seems to be emphasized. He was the first to greet her and bring her home and now he is the one who is leaving her. In the last scene the little girl is replaced with a puppy. The analogy is that the little girl is being abandoned just as you would abandon an animal. The human being has disappeared.

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