This Tiny Fox Is Freaking Out Over Who He Sees. But When You See Who, You Won’t Believe It!

Many people think that human beings are the only ones were capable of true emotion, but this is not the case. There are many moments captured on video of animals who are thrilled to see their friends. These videos are often absolutely adorable.

There are more than 100 primates at the International Primate Rescue in Pretoria, South Africa. However, even though this location is primarily a home for primates, there are also two fennec foxes who live here. These foxes are recognized by their huge ears and comparatively very tiny bodies. They are nocturnal and generally live in the Sahara.

Rupert is a fennec fox who has been living at this location since he was only 4 weeks old. He bonded with Roxy, an older female fennec fox who already lived there. However, even though he loves Roxy, his real best friend is another animal. There is a video showing his reunion with William, a domestic house cat who is his best friend.

A domestic cat and wild fox may seem to be a very unlikely pair, but these two seem to genuinely love each other. Rupert gets so visibly excited when he sees his friend. His tail is wagging furiously, his ears go back, and he is rolling on the ground in excitement.

Any animal lover would absolutely love to see this reunion, as Rupert’s happiness at seeing his best friend after being apart is adorable. It shows that animals are capable of love and happiness just like people.

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