This Strong, Large Woman Was Told NOT to Wear A Bikini – Her Response is A Total Knockout…

There are a number of major problems in America when it comes to obesity: almost a third of the population is generally considered to be obese. And many people make some very harsh judgments based on weight and body-type.

For one young lady, Loey Lane, enough was enough. And she took to YouTube to express her opinions. Ms. Lane is a college student with a military husband and a plus size figure. After appearing in some of her own broadcasts dressed in a two-piece bikini, Ms. Lane drew a lot of commentary that ranged from support to derogatory comments aimed to hurt.

Her response to this commentary was to record a personal and honest reactions to her detractors. She found there were two common lines of commentary that warranted response:

First, many expressed the notion that plus sized women should not wear bikinis. Her response to this was to ask why anyone in the world feels they have a right to dictate what others wear, and why these bullies feel compelled to shame other’s for personal decisions.

The second line of commentary was that fat women in bikinis are unattractive. Lane asks, what authority figure declared that statement true? People like all different kinds of body types, shapes, and sizes.

Lane did not appear hurt or angry. Quite to the contrary, she seemed concerned that too many people spend far too much time trying to fit other people into their own packaging. Let the world be who the world wants to be!

In an interview with People Magazine, she got personal and spoke to the ways she had been battling weight problems her entire life. These problems ranged from being a heavy little girl to fighting eating disorders in her later years.

Lane currently has over 500,000 subscribers to her YouTube account. It offers her a great outlet to take what she has learned through the years and use it to empower other plus size women to embrace the beauty their own beauty. To that end, she seems to be making a difference.

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