This Spider Looks Totally Normal At First, But When It Started Moving, I Couldn’t Stop Watching!

While many people find spiders to be the most repulsive creatures on the planet, others find them quite captivating. Fanciful even, as in the case of the person who took the time to capture this little peacock spider on video.

Peacock spiders are a species of jumping spiders that are quite recognizable by the colorful pattern display on their back. Their colors are usually vibrant shades of blue and violet, splattered with hues of red, pink, and orange.

It’s not uncommon to see a photograph of one of these beautiful creatures, but one filmographer captured a peacock spider putting on quite a show! In the video, the amazing little creature can be seen raising its third set of legs in the air. The arachnid also appears to be bouncing around its colorful hind-section to capture attention. A mating ritual perhaps?

A closer examination of the film footage seems to reveal the magnificent creature shooting strings of a wispy web to the left side. A still shot at the end of the footage reveals a bit of webbing attached to the spider’s right side as well.

One marvel about this particular spider is that the colorful markings on his back seem to resemble some sort of ancient Polynesian mask. When the film footage is set to music, it not only appears that the spider is dancing, but that there is a “masked man” dancing in the video as well.

What does the end of the video reveal about this little peacock spider?

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