This Soldier Saved A Cat In Afghanistan, But Then The Cat Saved Him.

It might not seem like that big of a deal to rescue a cat or dog. When you’re in the military, that thought goes out the window. Taking a cat or dog that doesn’t have a home is against the rules, and you can get in trouble if someone catches you committing the act.

This man decided to rescue an animal regardless of what might happen to him, and in the end, the decision he made ended up saving his life.

The cat reminded the man of how life was in Oregon. He thought about how simple things were instead of being in the area he was at in Afghanistan. On one day, the man lost two of his friends. Giving up seemed like the best option as he didn’t have a lot of hope left. When the man was at his lowest, a cat jumped into his lap and showed him that there is hope left in life. This was a cat that didn’t have a home.

In a way, both of the man and the cat rescued each other. They share a special bond that has brought them through the worst parts of their lives. The man had to pay a few thousand dollars in order to get the cat back to Oregon, but it was worth the expense as they both have a new best friend.

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