This Sheep Was Stranded For Weeks, What These Rescuers Do To Save His Life? TERRIFYING!

How far would you go to save a sheep? I guess it depends on the sheep… This one, in North Wales, was left stranded for numerous weeks on a cliffside. Someone noticed the helpless and vulnerable animal and contacted the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals for assistance. And they delivered!

Rescuers from the respected organization showed up promptly to rescue the creature. Accessing the sheep, however, wasn’t no easy task. The team had to employ climbing equipment to descend the cliffs, and at the same time had to take great caution not to shock or frighten the sheep. Lest the animal leap from the cliff face and into the sea… Which would have made for a far less satisfying rescue story.

Although the rescuers’ journey to access the sheep was chock-full of some rather terrifying situations, in the end they were able to successfully reach her and deliver her back to a much more secure environment. The tale started out a bit intimidating but actually had a very happy ending.

The adorable little ewe is back to full health and has returned to the company of her family. When you watch the video clip, it’s hard not to be impressed by the bravery and dedication of the men who work dangerous jobs like this, just to keep animals safe.

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