This Saturday Donald Trump Kicks Off 2020 Reelection Campaign

This Saturday Donald Trump Kicks Off 2020 Reelection Campaign

Donald Trump is already planning ahead to the 2020 election and will be kicking off his 2020 campaign with a Florida rally on February 18… Even though he is supposed to be running the country, Trump apparently thinks it is more pertinent to start out on a campaign trail that won’t start for another 4 years.  No candidate or sitting president has begun campaigning only 29 days into an administration – ever.

The rally, which will be held at an airport hanger, is important to Trump for one reason in particular: he has been relentlessly bashed by the media since his inauguration, and wants to get back to the glory he felt on the campaign trail. Essentially, this is a giant ego booster for the man, paid for by yours truly, the American taxpayers. Donald J. Trump doesn’t want to run this country, he wants to win campaigns, which is NOT the job of the President.

He will also have more freedom to talk about contentious political issues that would be inappropriate at an official event. Aside from the rally, Trump has also chosen an official slogan for the 2020 run, which he revealed as “Keep America Great.”

Some see the Trump rally and slogan as being presumptuous for a man who still faces a steep learning curve when it comes to governing. Others think the situation is being used as a distraction from the fallout that has occurred since Trump took office on January 20. Returning to the crowds that got him elected may give Trump the boost he needs to face the road ahead.

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