This Puppy Has The CUTEST Temper Tantrum! Listen To Him Talk Back To Her. AWW!

Most would think that sassiness is only an emotion that humans can express but this video proves that dogs are also capable of getting a little saucy! This adorable little puppy with his big eyes and perky ears has got a large attitude for such a little frame and he is dishing it right back to his mother.

It is unknown as to why the puppy was put in timeout in the first place but from what the video shows he is in major disagreement about his punishment. High pitched yelps, escape him, showing that he has not fully developed his masculine bark yet.

He even mixes in a low growl to display to his mother that he really is not enjoying time out. It is quite entertaining to hear him respond to his “mother’s” comments, asking if he is done yet?

Man’s best friend has been taken to a whole new level with this video. Showing that this little pup is fully capable of responding and expressing his true, sassy feelings to his mother.

Maybe, feeling slightly left out or just wanting a bite of some human food, this puppy is quite the character and this video will certainly brighten anyones day and show you how delightfully, entertaining puppies can be.

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