This Police Report Reveals Very Disturbing Facts About The Palin Family

This Police Report Reveals Very Disturbing Facts About The Palin Family

Police released details of the well known Palin Brawl on October 9. The public couldn’t wait to find out what happened between the Palin’s, and members of their community. The police report says the intoxicated Palins, and party goers were incapable of making wise decisions which fueled the fights.

The police reports breaks the family brawl into two segments. The first brawl involves Todd Palin, Sarah Palin’s husband. It was Todd Palin’s birthday. Todd, his son Track, 26, and another friend Stephen crashed a birthday party at the home of Chris Olds. The two Palin’s, and a group of men got into an argument outside the Old’s home. Apparently, the Palin’s did not an invitation. As the Palin’s were leaving, someone punched Stephen.

Track jumped in to help his friend. Someone called the police. Meanwhile at another Palin outing, Bristol and Willow Palin are the scrappers involved. This incident happened in the home of Korey Klingenmeyer where a birthday party for twins Matthew and Marc McKenna was in progress. The Palins did not receive an invitation.

According to the report, Track told Willow about the fight he had just encountered. Willow told Bristol, who entered the Klingnmeyer house, blaming the host. Bristol hit Korey Klingenmeyer in the face. “Klingenmeyer claimed that Bristol, 23, punched him first, so he spurred her on and told her to hit him again if it makes her feel better.”

She hit him at least five more times. When Mr. Klingnmeyer blocked the next punch, she fell back. After that, according to witnesses, the women beat on Bristol. At least twenty people participated in the altercation. Witnesses present said some party goers had made unfavorable, snide comments to the girls.

Others said the Palin’s weren’t invited and people were not happy to see them there. Details in the police report are not clear about what started the argument, but it is plain that all involved had consumed alcohol.

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