This Pitbull Was Abused For Years. Now Watch How He Reacts To His First Bath…

Rudy was a pit bull that lived in New York City, abandoned and left to live in horrific conditions. The city shelter called SNARR Northeast and asked them for help. SNARR Northeast examined the pit bull and realized how bad of a condition he was in.

The dog was starving and could not walk, his body was covered in wounds and it was obvious from his broken leg and he missing his fur that Rudy had been badly abused by his previous owner. SNARR Northeast was not sure if they could help Rudy because of his condition, but they were determined to do everything that they could. They eventually transferred him to a medical foster home.

Rudy thrived at the foster home and loved to be around people. There is a video online showing SNARR Northeast helping the abused pit bull. They gave him a bath to soothe his wounds. They also fed him snacks and gave him a massage.

Unfortunately, Rudy died a few months after he was rescued due to the severity of his injuries. He was able to enjoy the last few months of his life being spoiled and loved by his foster family.

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