This Michigan Republican Doesn’t Want You To Discover This Horrific Secret About Him

This Michigan Republican Doesn’t Want You To Discover This Horrific Secret About Him

Saginaw County, Michigan – Jordan Haskins is only 24-years-old, but he already has a past that includes serving prison time in two states namely Michigan and North Carolina. His past crimes include destruction of property, trespassing, and breaking and entering.

That isn’t everything on his rap sheet. He has also engaged in what is known as cranking. That isn’t a reference to someone who abuses crystal meth. It’s actually an odd fetish of sorts that involves getting into the vehicle of another person and masturbating. Haskins says he was turned onto the practice by stories he read on the internet. One can only imagine what web sites those must have been.

Regardless, his past is almost behind him. This is because he is still on parole. A parolee is a former prison inmate who is released early and serves out the remainder of their sentence on probation. His parole won’t expire until 11 days prior to the general election for state office. So why is he running with such a checkered past? He says he wants to show that you don’t have to be a picture perfect beacon of morality to be a GOP candidate. Among the things he would address if elected is the high rate of recidivism in Michigan.

It is true that a lot of state resources goes to house the inmate population for repeat offenders. If something can be done to improve upon that condition, it would not only save the state much needed revenue, but also increase public safety. That said, his candidacy is a long shot as the seat is held by African-American Stacey Erwin who carried the district by 77% in 2012.

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