This Kitten Thinks This Dog Is It’s Mommy. This Is So Adorable That I Nearly Died

When you have the privilege of watching an animal or person grow up with a best friend, it’s one of the most loving things that you could see. This kitten has a best friend that some might not imagine. The cat’s best friend is a dog.

The dog is much larger than the kitten, but this doesn’t seem to phase either animal. The kitten can go up to the dog and play with his nose or lay right next to him. While the kitten is playing with the dog, the dog seems to be content. The cat was only a month old when he was introduced to the home as a rescue kitten.

The cat is now eight months old. When the cat lays on the floor, the dog puts his arms around the cat in what looks like an act to protect him. This is the love that can be shown between almost any animal if they are introduced correctly.

It’s not often that this happens, but it is possible. As the cat gets bigger, the bond between them gets bigger as well. It looks like these two will be friends until the end with a happy ending as one cares for the other.

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