This Kid Had NO Idea Mom Was Recording. What She Captures On Film? I’m Blown Away.

Most young children aren’t too fond of taking care of chores at home and a lot of them downright hate it. Some children roll their eyes when their parents ask them to take on dishwashing duties after meals. Others whine for the entire duration of the task. Some even throw fits!

The little boy in this video clip, however, did none of the above. He clearly sees dishwashing as a household activity that’s simply not that big a deal, It even looks fun! The youngster took it upon himself to multitask as he was washing the dishes in the kitchen, dancing like nobody was watching. However, the reality was that people actually were watching, though he wasn’t aware of it at the time. His parents were quietly videotaping him. They couldn’t resist the chance to document their little boy putting his impressive dancing skills on display for all to see. Who could even blame them, anyway?

Tunes by iconic pop superstar Michael Jackson were playing the entire time the boy was dancing and doing dishes. The boy’s dance show was 100 percent uninhibited and relaxed, and that’s likely due to the fact that he thought he was totally alone. If he knew that his parents were actually watching (and giggling proudly in the wings), he may have ended up putting on a slightly more muted and subtle dance show. Fortunately for the world, they were watching and therefore were capable of getting proof of everything. Many parents enjoy embarrassing their children as they get older. This is particularly common when children enter their awkward adolescent years. If this boy ever decides to invite a girl he has a crush on over to the house, he better look out.

It wouldn’t be at all surprising if his crafty parents decided to let her take a look at this hilarious video clip. The boy’s parents can definitely use this video as sabotage one day. Although this video is absolutely adorable and charming to everyone else, it may be a little embarrassing for the subject, and that’s only understandable. Although the boy’s mother and father could definitely use this brief yet brilliant clip to make him blush when he gets older, the question is truly why would they even want to do so? This boy is clearly a spirited individual who always looks at the bright side in life. While many children react to chore requests by yelling, pouting or stomping their feet, this little guy did the exact opposite, and that’s in no way any type of exaggeration. He actually seemed to enjoy washing the dishes. He didn’t seem to be in a bad mood about it at all.

People can sometimes learn things from children who have a lot less life experience. This boy is proof that it can always help to make the best of seemingly mundane and dull situations. If you put a little extra effort in, life can actually often be a lot of fun. You can make the simple task of washing dishes and silverware a thrilling 1980s dance party. You can make the simple task of driving to the local grocery store just as pleasant, too. What beats listening to great, upbeat music in the car without a care in the world, anyway? The world surely would love to see what’s next for this boy. He can be anything he wants. Perhaps he’ll want to become a dancer. Perhaps he’ll want to become a pop star. The choices are plentiful.

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