This Janitor Goes To Clean a Major Spill – But What He Finds Instead? He Can’t Stop Crying..

The life of a janitor is a wild box of chocolates – you never know what kind of strange surprise you’ll be called to take care of. Sometimes it’s mud, sometimes it’s vomit, sometimes it’s food, but it’s always something… One woman called a janitor to clean a rather large spill, but he had an even bigger surprise waiting for him.

Often janitors are overlooked and regarded with less respect than they deserve. This particular elementary school janitor, Mr. Patton, does his very best to make the lives of the children at the school more interesting while making sure they are learning in both a clean and safe environment.

The students and staff wanted to let him know how much they appreciate his energy and everything he does, so they set up a surprise one day. The staff and students gathered in the gym with signs and balloons to celebrate their beloved janitor. When Mr. Patton was called in to clean the large spill in the gym, so he grabbed a mop and headed to the mess but he was greeted by his entire school.

When he entered the gym, everyone cheered and shouted for Mr. Patton, waving their signs. The janitor was very pleasantly surprised, and was touched that everyone cared so much for him. Sometimes you have to let people know how much they mean to you, and a simple gesture like this one is exactly the trick.

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